A Little About Me...


Me, Janelle, Eric, Jimmy, and Danny June 11, 2011
The Five of Us!



I am a  fun loving individual, who loves Father in Heaven, and the Lord, Jesus Christ with all my heart.  I love the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and am lost without Him.  I am a widower of 10 years, and a mother of 2 beautiful children, Janelle and Jimmy, both of whom I am very well pleased with, and love them eternally. I also have two other men in my life: Danny, who I think of as another child as he lived with me for a while, and Eric, Janelle's husband.  I'm retired!!  I enjoy art, the theatre, classic rock, (especially Steely Dan), antique shopping, and and a nice dinner and a movie.  I also love crafts, and lapidary work.  I LOVE going to the Temple, and I'm very thankfully able to attend every Wednesday.   I enjoy Genealogy, and work at the Hemet Family History Center on Tuesdays.  I just joined SCORE as a counselor, and am looking very  forward to this opportunity to help in the community.  I enjoy going to the gym twice a week, and I walk my dogs every day.  I have a poodle, and a jackrussel chiwawa, and my son's dog lives with me too, a very sweet pit bull. I also have a cute Rosie Boa snake, who we have had for 17 years!  I love life, and enjoy travelling.  I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and find peace and tranquility through being a member.  Right now, I am the Single Representative of our Ward, and an indexer and arbitrator, and a consultant at the Family History Center.    I love people, and try to find the good in everything.  Please contact me at gailyoungblood@rocketmail.com.  Thankyou for checking out my blogs!!
Janelle and Eric


Janelle, Jimmy and Me